BUR-CAM continues to innovate

Eliminate Water Damage from Flooded Sump Drains and Sewage Tanks with BUR-CAM’s “Wi-Fi Water Watcher”

Homeowners can now have peace of mind that their sump pump is properly working during times of spring thaw or when there is a high potential for flooding even when they are away from home.

BUR-CAM Pumps can give homeowners that reassurance with its unique new product, the

“Wi-Fi Water Watcher”, a sophisticated, but simple, alarm system that sends out alerts through an SMS text message (short message service) or an E-mail to the homeowner’s  smart phone alerting them that a problem could be developing and allowing them time to respond and rectify the problem. 

The “Wi-Fi Water Watcher” is connected to the homeowner’s Wi-Fi network through a detection float that is installed in the sump or sewage tank and the float is connected to the Wi-Fi unit by a cable that operates on 115 volt AC power.  When the water level of the sump or sewage tank reaches a critical level above normal working levels, the float activates the alarm and a text message or E-mail is sent to three designated phone numbers and three designated E-mail addresses that are configured in the system.

The “Wi-Fi Water Watcher” system is capable of sending eight messages to keep homeowners aware of the water situation. 

1.  A Transmission Test to make sure everything is operating

2.  An alert when the system has gone from 115 volt AC to battery power

3.  A low battery message

4.  A high liquid level alert

5.  A high liquid level reminder

6.  A reset confirmation

7.  A confirmation of ongoing communications

8.  Loss of communication alert

This unprecedented system works on a rechargeable lithium back-up battery with a 15 hour average life in the event of a power outage.


The “Wi-Fi Water Watcher” is quick and easy to install on new or existing sump pump systems and will work with any smart phone.

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