About us


The BURKE Group of companies was founded in 1978 by Mr. Donald Burke who developed his water systems experience as a sales representative and general manager working with one of Canada’s largest water systems companies. Seeing unfulfilled opportunities in the market and consumer needs for greater value and knowledge about having water in their home, Burke launched his business. Today, Burke Water Systems Manufacturing Inc. is the only truly Canadian pump manufacturing company in existence.


The company is extremely dynamic and is always concerned about meeting the needs of the market and providing value to its customers.  BURKE is a leader thanks to the quality of its products, its innovations and its customer service.  With 34 years of experience, BURKE relies on its own creative ability to constantly improve its range of products, and to provide exclusive and innovative water systems and accessories to its customers.


BURKE is one of the rare North American water systems manufacturers that offers such a wide and complete range of products.  Its willingness to innovate to meet the specific needs of the many market segments has allowed the company to constantly put new products on the market and to increase its product variety.


Evolving in a mature market, where product supply remains relatively stable, BURKE has distinguished itself as a leader in the field of innovation.  Each year, at least one new and innovative product is added to the Burke catalogue.

BURKE’s innovative capabilities are mainly due to the investment that the company makes in research and development.  This crucial investment represents an important percentage of the company’s financial resources annually.

The right partners are also an important asset in the development of new products.  BURKE has formed an alliance with several sub-contractors and professionals. These bodies offer assistance in designing and developing product prototypes after consulting with BURKE regarding market needs.  After the product is developed, BURKE will manufacture test units and will extensively field test the product for a minimum period of 9 to 12 months before going into general production.  In this way, BURKE can guarantee its products dependability.



Dealing with a company that :


  • Wants its customers to be completely satisfied
  • Offers a complete range of water systems and accessories
  • Offers a multifaceted and efficient sales distribution service      
  • Does business in 15 countries throughout the world
  • Invests in innovative ideas
  • Offers a superior level of service
  • Offers qualified advice, technical assistance and an after sales service that is second to none
  • Sells its products on quality at competitive prices
  • Shows an exceptional capacity for innovation, production, development and growth  



When I founded BURKE WATER SYSTEMS in 1978, my priority was to offer a line of pumps and accessories that would meet the real and specific needs of customers in Eastern Canada.  Today, 34 years later, our products are in demand in 15 countries around the world and our mission statement remains the same – each one of our pumps has to perfectly meet a specific need.

Industry professionals have often praised BURKE for quality and customer service.  However, our customers, the end consumer, are the ones that realize our greatest product qualities – reliability and longevity.  To maintain this reputation, we continue to offer products that are not only dependable and efficient, but are innovative and consumer friendly.  I am particularly proud of our company’s ability to launch one new innovative product into the market each year.  By innovative, I don’t mean a cosmetic approach, but a true innovation that comes from our commitment to research and development.

BURKE has become a leader in its industry.  Over the last 34 years we have developed the internal structure and the business acumen necessary to provide outstanding sales and service that offers our customers peace-of-mind.  We have been successful in capturing a considerable share of the market - but we have not done it alone.  We owe a great deal of our success to the support of our marketing partners and our steadfast commitment to always making sure that the customer is satisfied

Donald BURKE

President and C.E.O.

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