Whether you are at work, on vacation or sleeping, the Wi-Fi Water Watcher protects your valuables and provides peace of mind by offering a live monitoring of your sump or sewage basin. It is compatible with all smart phones and any type of water pumping system to alertt you as soon as the liquid exceeds the normal high level, so before any water damage occurs from your sump or sewage tank.

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Additional features
Designed specifically for sump and sewage application, this device
sends directly SMS and email alerts to your smart phone through
your home Wi-Fi network.
It is possible to configure up to three phone numbers and up to
three email addresses which can receive the alerts simultaneously.
It operates on 115V, 60Hz, and has a battery with a 15-hour average
life in case of power outage.
The installation is fast and easy.
- The device is connected to the user's Wi-Fi network.
- A detection float is installed in the sump or sewage tank.
- The float is connected to the unit via a cable.
- The foat activates the alarm when the water level in the sump pit
  attains a critical level above normal.
- When the alarm is activated, an SMS and/or an e-mail is sent to
  the homeowner in accordance with the configuration done by this
  one in our message management server.
1- Transmission test.
2- Power source changed from 115V to battery back-up
   (possibility of power outage).
3- Low battery (The device will shortly stop functioning).
4- High liquid level (possibility of flood).
5- High liquid liquid level reminder (the reset of the device has
   not been done).
6- Reset (your confirmation send by the device).
7- Confirmation of ongoing communication (the device sends a signal
   to our server every hour and we transmit a confirmatin once per
   per month).
8- Loss of communication (immediately when we cease to receive the
   hourly signal).
Weight : 2 lbs (0.90909 kg)